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11/7/10 12:47 pm - tumblr


11/6/10 06:42 pm - I ain't no Kelly Rowland!


Kelly Rowland looks stunning in this video.

I'm glad she has the chance to like, uh, not get overshadowed by Beyonce back in the D.C. era. Oh boo.

11/4/10 10:39 am - IT'S BRITNEY BITCH

~With the addition of the third EP, Late Night, adamspooky is back in the brothel with a fucking awesome custom content found in GoS.~

  Okay, I’ll admit: I am not an Asian boy of commitment. It took me like, uh, two weeks of playing Sims 3 every single day to get tired of it. “Oh well,” I say. Ambitions was the bomb for the first week, then my fire for it slowly died down like a catfish out of water. (THAT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL) I'm pretty sure my non-existent audience has been notice my sharp drop in inactivity to the point of not even vising the site for 3-5 months. "Oh well," I say, "at least I still have my add-ons."

     Onto the third expansion pack, Late Night, I am extremely impressed with it. The third EP is fucking awesome. Its awesomeness punched me in the face ten times over. Word cannot describe how awesome this new EP is. It makes a strong impression in the game with the addition of celebrities, lounges, and vampires. I’ll be honest with my non-existent audience, for I was not a vampire fan at all. After testing vampirism in Late Night with my, erhm, rather perfect doll, I felt good. My respect for vampires has increased tenfold. Yay. I love the addition of forming groups and the new instruments. Holy shitters, the new instruments are lovely. The bands are … eh, not that good. It’s a so-so perk that came with the EP. Out of all, this EP is truly worth your money compared to the other expansions. For me, this is the EP so far that is really worth your money ‘cause who wouldn't the addition of elevator sex in a simulation? This kinda makes me wonder how Ambitions even contributes anymore. In my opinion, Late Night overshadows Ambitions by a milestone. “The fanboy-ism in this post swells with fucktardedness,” my conscience says.

     I'll be honest and I won't be posting every single fucking day. I'm quite sure I'll be playing TS3 regularly now with all the bugs, glitches, and awesome op


6/30/10 10:57 am - initiating slu-slu-slu-slutmode while sipping inactivity topped with a cherry

My computer is dead. I'll get it fixed soon. Promise!

6/11/10 09:42 am - i know that we are young and i know that you may love me

        Lady GaGa's recent new video, Alejandro, is more or less... odd. Spock haircuts, binocular glasses, raepage, and men in fishnet stockings. To say the very least, I found it quite interesting. Although it's not that impressive compared to her other videos, they say that it's a key point in her career where it actually might be her first 'misfire.' Oh well, the music video isn't that bad anyways. 

       I've been playing my immortal doll lately, experiencing the content the EPs have to offer. The Ghost Hunting profession is turning into an awesome (a bit repetitive) task as of now. From banishing these crappy ghosts that "exist" that are only meant to annoy you by disappearing to the bottom of basement, to banishing REAL spirits.

"Oh wo- fghfhgfghdgghg"
       What I find totally creepy about these spirits is that the color of their skin gives you a summary of how he died. The spirit above, died of old age. Judging from his clothing, he probably lived as a commoner in the medieval ages. I find that it really makes it totally interesting. 

        I've also been making my doll meditate a lot. Although I preferred the meditate feature of TS2, the meditate in this game opens up interesting choices for your doll, from Zeniporting straight to a bar to... zeniporting back to your home. Which is kind of basically it? Your needs still drop while meditating unlike TS2 in where you can use that machine that maximizes all your needs and you just need to meditate to keep it up 'till school/work.

"Wiccan is the best hero evar. Wiccan is the best hero evar. Wiccan is the best hero evar. Inside jokes are perfect as mantras."


6/10/10 07:20 pm - ice cream diets with a touch of sand and ectoplasm

        I thought this teeth extraction was very bad. Turns out it has some very very nice highs to it. For some reason, ice cream never tasted so darn good. I never liked the Chocolate flavor of Ice Cream, yet now I'm gobbling them up like a fat kid loves cake. It's like a glorious experience each time I have a bite of it. Oh and German ice cream is made of so much win.

       Anyways, if you've noticed, I was able to snag World Adventures awhile ago. To be honest, I really thought World Adventures was a waste of money since the idea of Adventure gameplay in Sims never really clicked for me. I just said "meh" and bought it since the cost of the EP was quite cheap anyways. I have to admit that I'm wrong- I'm very impressed. 

"lol asian"

       On my first vacation to Shang Simla, I practically just spent the whole three days raising my Martial Arts skill, thinking that if I reached a certain skill point, I'd be able to buy the Training Dummy. Gee, I never knew I actually had to go to the market to buy one. Now I gotta wait for two days doing boring shit before I'm able to go to Shang Simla again.
"I'll release you guys anyways!"

The only thing I'm a bit bothered by the Martial Arts skill is that my muscle level seems to be rising. Or maybe those treadmills in the gym aren't just cardio machines. I hope not- my character doesn't look that good with Chris Redfield biceps.


I specifically wanted my characters to be realistically thinner from now on, not body builders with a baby face. I think it's a bout time I consider Juice as a meal in itself. A very quick meal...

6/10/10 03:28 pm - Narrow Vanilla

       As promise to the non-existent audience, I will upload a house after my teeth extraction. The teeth extraction process hurt like a mother. When my dentist was about to pull the 3rd and last tooth from the bottom jaw, I insisted on getting injected with more numbing agent yet it still hurt like fuck. From what my dentist told me, it hurts a lot more due to the bottom jawbone (i think) being a lot more solid than the top one. Plus she can't inject the numbing agent directly below the tooth, she had to inject it at the at the soft bone which is located at the back. 




Requires WA (not sure) and Ambitions  (very sure)

6/9/10 10:14 pm - site update

       hey non-existent audience, I just updated my blog with a supah-cool-fantastic-yumyum look. i've decided that i'd rather use a rather quit revealing seamless pattern rather than slathering it with web 2.0ld crap. just an update, i'm gonna be releasing a house soon once I get some teeth pulled out which is probably 12+ hours from now. g'day!

6/9/10 08:44 am - rod jumin download

after blood, sweat, and tears... i've managed to come up with a decent preview even though it's a bit recycled.



Default Skintone by Club Crimsyn
Baseball Shirt by Club Crimsyn
Hair by Peggy Zone


6/8/10 11:10 am


      So after finding out that LJ's photo uploading service doesn't suck all that bad, I've decided to try something new in Sims 3 and document it with my shiny new Photobucket account.
      For the longest time of playing the Sims franchise, it was always me playing as a woman with exaggerated hourglass figures/anorexic an or as a man who's in the middle of taking steroids/ looks like Chris Redfield.

       Well, I was filled with a bit of dread with just the though of straying off my 'comfort zone' in Sims. Turns out it wasn't that bad. (Yeah, genius.) I was able to make a character that nearly had an opposite look of Chris Redfield, which involved smoking cigarettes and drinking fish oil for dinner for the next few months. Instead of just choosing the best features man has to offer, I chose to copy my facial features and a bit of Sim widgets here and there. The hair however, I chose to look like I spent my college tuition fees on rebonding services and revitalising apricot maple hair balm.

       Aside from the ridiculously tightening pants, I'm glad that I get to see myself  in the game that I really like rather than some 6'4 foot female model that can eat cereal or ice cream and not be void of nutrients. Although on thing I'm a bit uncomfortable about is that how just a bunch of traits that I posses actually seem to influence the character's actions - actions which seem to resemble my daily life. It really is some creepy shit Maxis can create. Lovely lovely.

       One thing I seem to be obsessed about all this myself sim shenanigans is that I can direct myself to do stuff I've never done before or even have the courage to do, like let's say...

       It has this unspeakable feeling whenever it happens. Some horrible feeling inside you that you find somehow comfortable due to the fact that you have a place to express your deepest feelings. (and I'm a pretentious writer who likes to write meaningless shit and call it a work of art) 

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